In September of 2015 I told the world on that “The Bear Market Had Begun.” 

In October, I sent a report to clients of what I believe is going on with markets. Thousands of people signed up to this website or submitted contact us forms to see the report. Now you can see my report with no obligation. People who read it will learn why I have been holding extra cash since last spring and what I am preparing for going forward.

Have no doubt about it, this correction is real and I believe will be similar to 20002002, but not 2008. While there will be cries of “economic collapse” that is not the most likely risk. How you invest coming out of this bear market will determine how you do for about the next decade.

If you would like to talk about protecting your portfolio over the next year or so, and how to profit coming out of this bear market, please contact me directly by sending a message and then scheduling an introductory call. Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you would like to talk.