Working with a financial advisor comes with three core problems:

  1. Expenses — most advisors have two levels of fees that put their total cost around 2% per year, which is a steep hurdle to overcome when trying to build your bottom line.
  2. Mediocre Advice — let’s face it, 80% of financial advisors add little to no investment value, and are often a hindrance to making good investment decisions. 
  3. Control — with most investment advisors you will lose control of the regular decision making for investments in your portfolio, you might like to maintain control if you have the time and ability.

Whether you are a small investor getting started, a retired investor who wants to keep control of investment decisions or somewhere in between, I have built a suite of services that can help. 

I have been publishing investment letters since I successfully called the American shale boom. I have now built an “investment advisor replacement” tool called “Fundamental Trends.”

Fundamental Trends is a service that offers my unique Intelligent Asset Allocation approach and Core 4 Investing method, as well as, ideas from dozens of research institutions, services and analysts.

Fundamental Trends is a complete suite of investing and trading ideas offering thoughts on stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and options. If you have read my articles in the press, then you will know I take a complete multidisciplinary approach to investing.

Fundamental Trends is designed to help you become a better investor by filtering the mountains of content that is now populating the internet and by separating fact from motivated narrative.  

To try Fundamental Trends at a deep discount your first year, subscribe now using a special discount code that will give you $200 off your first year subscription.

Enter “bluemound200″ when prompted upon signing up and become a member of our growing and very supportive DIY community today.

I also offer investment consulting and coaching for those who want a portfolio review and periodic “on-demand” services. You can learn about investment consulting and coaching here.

Economic and Investment Basics

For newer investors, I strongly recommend that you use an online financial planning system. There are several. is one of the most well known. Here is a list of financial services with a handy chart that can help you with your budgeting, saving and basic financial planning for free or cheap.

And, here are two great YouTube videos from a pair of the top investors in the world. These videos are worth the half hour that each one runs. You’ll understand things better than most other investors after watching these two videos. 

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio, Founder and CEO of Bridgewater Associates — largest hedge fund in the world:


Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour by William Ackman, Founder and CEO of Pershing Square Investments — one of the most successful funds of the century:


Fundamental Trends Investment and Retirement Letter is NOT a service of Bluemound Asset Management, LLC and does NOT offer individual specific advice. Fundamental Trends is an independent service that focuses on investment ideas that DIY (Do it yourself) investors might find useful and as a starter for their own research into investment ideas.