Asset Allocation is Hard I designed “Retirement Fund Advisor” to help you build a diversified retirement portfolio. It is a tactically managed portfolio using low cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) that combines value investing with trend following. I have found this approach to a good blend of risk management and taking part of the upside within markets.

I offer various asset allocations for people with different risk tolerances and in different stages of life. Whether you are just beginning to save, part way to retirement or already retired, this program can be tailored to you.

Because I believe that global risks are more significant than in the past, I focus on managing risk first. Gone are the days when a rising tide lifts all boats. There will be major differences between nations and industries that grow and those that stagnate in coming decades. How you handle that dichotomy will have an enormous impact on your long-term investment returns.

Here are the core benefits you will receive with Retirement Fund Advisor:

  • An up front risk assessment and portfolio review (SCHEDULE A FREE PORTFOLIO REVIEW TODAY).
  • Development of an investment management strategy (and income strategy if you are already retired) through the creation and adoption of an investment policy statement.
  • Access to me as one of your money managers, as well as, other top money managers.
  • Asset allocation management primarily using low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs).
  • Ongoing review, risk management and upgrading of the portfolio.
  • An annual retirement planning and portfolio review.

I work with several teams of day to day investment managers who you will have the benefit of at no additional charge. For those that need comprehensive financial planning, you can work with me remotely or I have a vetted network of financial planners available nationally.

I take up to 3 new clients per week about 40 weeks per year, so contact me to talk about your retirement as soon as possible - before the rush at the next market crash.