Personal & Family:

In an age of slow growth, you can not afford expensive investment management that offers little in they way protection or better returns. I will help you build a financial plan and investment strategy that protects your hard earned money while taking advantage of opportunities in the biggest trends in the world for a flat fee. Together we can build:

  1. A personalized Financial Plan
  2. A risk-managed investment strategy
  3. Initial portfolio re-balance
  4. Retirement income plan
  5. A secure estate plan for your family

If you have read my articles on MarketWatch, quarterly letters or special reports, you know I am steeped in research. What I am offering is different than what most financial planners do. I am offering you a way to supersede what sales people in advisers clothing can. It’s your choice to take a different path that what the financial industry has been selling for decades. 

For “Do-It-Yourself” investors, after a consultation that includes an investment plan, initial portfolio re-balance and financial planning update, many choose to subscribe to my investment letter for finding ongoing investment ideas and analysis.

My investment letter is found at  

Business 401(k) Consulting:

Due to the Pension Protection Act, sponsors of 401(k) plans face many hurdles. Many existing plans do not clear these hurdles, are expensive and expose sponsors to legal liability. I strive to help companies fix existing plans, as well as, start new plans. Here is what I can often do:

  1. Reduce sponsor fiduciary risks.
  2. Provide participant education and access to an adviser.
  3. Reduce plan expenses.
  4. Make a portion of plan expenses tax deductible.
  5. Offer access to a superior investment managers.

I offer consulting that will help you create and maintain a 401(k) plan direct with your custodian of choice at a very low cost. This is no sales program. I sell nothing and receive no commissions from the plans I help put in place. Because I believe in small business and working America, I am offering to work for you at a low flat-fee in order to help you build a plan that you, your employees and the Department of Labor’s hundreds of auditors will be happy with. 

To arrange a review contact me online or by telephone: 1855-4454321.

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