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Hello, my name is Kirk Spano. I am the founder of Bluemound Asset Management, LLC. My goal is to help you navigate a rapidly changing world so that you can protect and grow your financial freedom.

Today’s global economy and financial markets are experiencing seismic volatility. As I have dubbed it in the media,slow growth forever,” is the new normal.

Over the coming decades, we will continue to see the global economy evolve in fits and bursts. While change can be scary, smart risk management can help us embrace the long-term opportunities.

Browse this site and learn about my approach. Then, contact me today, to talk about your goals, before the rush during the next inevitable bear market.

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From my keyboard…

“I believe that the problems at Bear Stearns are the tip of the iceberg regarding problems that are likely to emerge in the financial sector.“
2012 marks the year that the United States accelerates its transformation from a military super power… to a natural resources super power…“
“…the dollar is a better currency than gold… if you didn’t already make outsize gains on gold…, then you won’t… because gold is done leading.“
“I believe there is a high probability that we do move to the low end of the oil-price range later this year…(with) out of the ordinary price plunges…“
“Look for increasing volatility, but no collapse, in 2015…With the Fed also… raising interest rates — I believe not until the 4th quarter…“